The Real Puerto Rico

Dispelling Misconceptions About America’s Next Great Tech Hub

View From The DLTx Office in Puerto Rico

Conflating Puerto Rico with Small Town Caribbean Destinations

After visiting Puerto Rico I have found all my assumptions to be wrong.

One of the Many Gatherings Every Week in San Juan of the Crypto Community

A Fast Growing Puerto Rico Tech Scene

The caliber of the crypto community here is just astounding. Imagine moving to a place where every person there is motivated, dedicated and passionate about the freedom that open public blockchains bring the world. By definition those that moved to Puerto Rico the past 5 years passed the bar of being willing to relocate their lives in order to live out their beliefs.

The City Scape From A Beautiful Pent House in San Juan

Puerto Rico Is For Builders

Costco Plus Palm Trees in The Guaynabo Suburb Outside San Juan

Not So Far or Different Than The US Mainland

In fact when moving to Puerto Rico, you may not feel like you have left the main land at all. Every major brand you would look for in a major city is in Puerto Rico. Costco, Best Buy, IKEA, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Rooms To Go, every fast food brand, on and on. Moving into and equipping a new house in Puerto Rico feels the same as in Austin or Miami.

Electronics at Costco in Puerto Rico

Quality of Life Gains

Moving To Puerto Rico & Why Everyone Else Will Follow

Since PR is a US territory there was no visa to apply for. You can just show up, get a car, rent or buy a place to live, open an office and get going in a matter of days. After making the decision to move I called my business partners and all three came down to PR the next week and made the decision to move the week after. We opened an office and started hiring people the next week after that. My parents visited the next week and decided to move down the week after that.

That’s an amazing gravity well. It really reminds me of Austin 10 years ago. The friendly local policies for investors and businesses to move to Puerto Rico are pulling in the smartest and fastest moving entrepreneurs in the United States today and the network effect is starting to compound.

I’m proud to live & work in Puerto Rico and only wish I moved down earlier.

Friends & The Crew Of Early Movers to PR

The Bigger Vision For The Future

I think the opportunity is actually bigger than that. Not being a US state is starting to act in Puerto Rico’s favor and as regulation, debt & taxes increase at the US Federal level, the advantages of Puerto Rico become even more pronounced, as Puerto Rico exists outside the US federal tax system.

The people in the United States need a place of freedom they can go to and build their lives in. That place is now Puerto Rico.

This is a new Hong Kong level opportunity.

Lunch Meetings in PR

Bonus Section - Spanish, Hurricanes & Power Oh My

As for Hurricanes its certainly a reality in August, September, October each year. However having lived in Louisiana and Texas I’m pretty comfortable with that reality and I don’t buy property at less than 10 feet of elevation for that reason. And for power its just a matter of planning. The community I live in has a huge generator and fuel for 90 days and home owners can put in similar systems or use solar / batteries which are cheap and common in PR.

If hurricanes are a deal breaker for you and you have the flexibility. Just plan to spend three month time in the US or Europe each summer and return for the November to July season each year.


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