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Why I Split My Time Between Switzerland, Texas & Singapore

Fin Tech Hubs Ranked Globally — The Rise of Singapore / Switzerland


My goal is to live where I’m treated best and where the industry I’m working in is fastest growing & offers me the strongest network effects. What I’ve discovered is that’s a combination of Switzerland, Texas and Singapore. The last 6 years Texas has lead the way in North America, with Switzerland best positioned in Europe & Singapore becoming the center of activity in Asia. All three embraced blockchain mining, foundations & companies early on. As those network effects have grown, massive benefits have started flowing to these jurisdictions as top global talent and capital have begun pouring in.

Switzerland & Singapore

Given I want to be at the heart of decision making in the crypto industry, being close to the foundations and protocols in Crypto Valley is a must. Similarly I want to have access to the capital flows coming out of Asia in order to direct funding to the best projects in the industry. But what about mining, coding, and other aspect that make blockchains possible. Enter Texas.

Texas Triangle

Dallas, Houston & Austin Skylines

1. Friendliest Laws / Regulations
Texas has by far the friendliest pro business policies, especially when compared to its rivals in New York and California. While New York was passing the “Bitlicense” in 2014 and effective crushing all blockchain innovation in the jurisdiction for the last 6 years. Instead the Texas Banking Commission took and continues to take a very light approach stating that virtual currency doesn’t constitute money transmission and as a result many of the early Bitcoin & Blockchain companies were based out of Austin, Dallas & Houston.

2. Lowest Cost Power For Mining
Texas has the lowest cost power available in North America and Houston is the largest energy hub in the United States. As a result crypto mining operations have moved into Texas at an increasing rate with some of the largest mining operations in the world now being developed in Texas. As proof of work (mining) continues to be the leading means of securing the top blockchains in the world, a shift from Asian to Texas based mining is likely to shake up the entire industry.

3. Deep Tech, Energy & Finance Expertise
The combined specialities of Austin around software / hardware, Houston in energy production and Dallas in finance, & their close proximity to one another deserve to be treated as a combined metro area. As the talent and interconnection between these cities is similar to that of New York’s Tri State area or the San Fransisco Bay Area and ranked as such.

4. Major Corporate Shift To Texas
There is a shift by Fortune 500 companies away from New York and California to Texas with Tesla as the latest example of a major technology manufacturing company moving their facilities out of California. A move that will likely tip the balance with Texas moving into the top spot with the most fortune 500 companies of any US State in a coming years.

5. Latest Blockchain, Platforms & Capital Are Texas Based
The next generation of blockchain protocols such as Hedera Hashgraph are based in Dallas and are winning over major tech companies like Google to join their network as validators. In addition many of the new security token project such as Vertalo and new venture capital firm such as Multicoin Capital are all based in Austin.

6. Affordability To Live & Work
Another big advantage the Texas Triangle has over its global peers is that of affordability. So if you are going to be hiring lots of programmers, or building big facilities you aren’t going to do so in Switzerland or Singapore due to cost constraints. You aren’t going to build them in NYC or California due to bad policies and political risk. Leaving the Texas Triangle as the obvious winner as it has the unique combination of low political risk + talent base + affordable living options.


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