Own A Part Of The Machine Economy

How to grow capital and prosper in the 21st century

David A. Johnston
3 min readJan 25, 2021

The ultimate disruption in employment, business and economics is here. That is the transition from the human to the machine based economy. Starting with computers, & robotics in decades past and now in earnest with advances in artificial intelligence, self driving cars, drones and so on. The vast majority of the world’s productive labor and soon the majority of its productive brian power will be machine based.

There is a whole cottage industry of news articles, books, speakers and people worried about this change or at least who make money feeding off the public’s concern about this trend and how they will need to adopt to this new reality.

Some authors propose everything from universal basis income, to new taxes on machines, or vast government programs to “help” people transition into what ever comes next. Much of this fear mongering and proposing of “solutions” is cynical because those in the know see no viable alternative to this trend toward automation or at worst are attempting to leverage this change into adding to their own political power.

Distributed Ledger Tech / Public Blockchains For The Win

What seems to have been over looked is that there is now a simple and practical means for EVERYONE in the world to participate and even directly OWN the means of production. We can all OWN and prosper from the machine economy. Allow me to point out how.

Open public blockchains in the last 12 years have been a real world example of a global machine economy. As Bitcoin, Ethereum and others have provided value transfer over the internet, smart contracts and many over services the value of their protocols has grown from nothing to over a $1 Trillion Dollar economy.

The truly amazing thing about these public networks is that they are owned and operated by people all over the world. There are no gatekeepers, no account minimums, no accredited investor status needed, in order to use their services or to build value in.

Want to benefit from the digitization of Gold? By owning 1 Bitcoin you forever hold 1 of only 21 Million units in this digital Gold system. Want to benefit from the world transitioning to automated smart contracts, own 32 ETH and Stake them. You get paid to secure the Ethereum network. Polymesh for the future of security tokens, Helium for the future of bandwidth provision, on and on this new tokenized economy is offering to anyone who understands its value, equal access and fair participation.

In short, you will be much better off embracing the machine economy and owning a part of it, then fearing this natural evolution of technology and the golden era of productivity and prosperity that come with it.

With $100 Trillion in global value to move from legacy systems over to blockchains, we are only 1% of the way there. Its early friends. Get on board.



David A. Johnston

Technologist, Voluntarist, Future Martian Settler, & Evangelist for Decentralization.