Naming Updates For The PegNet Software

Moving to PegNet Miner + PegNet Staker + PegNetd for a new clear naming scheme


When version 2.5 of PegNet goes live, it will come with a new set of names to make it clear which software to use for what. PegNet Miner, PegNet Staker, and PegNet Client will be the new names. Since everyone has to update for version 2.5 anyway, now is a good time to make the name change too. Be sure to upgrade.

The Problem:

Right now there are confusing names for several of the repositories that provide functions to run PegNet.

For example “PegNet” is what used to be the reference miner, however early on Prosper Miner was open sourced and got many optimizations & improvements to its code and became the primary mining software. As a result miners largely stopped using “PegNet” as a mining client and moved to using Prosper Miner as the main mining client.

Enter PegNet 2.0 and Staking code was added to “PegNet”, so people began using PegNet for Staking, but the code is getting more and more out of date for mining.

The Solution:

So in order to remove confusion the devs have suggested renaming the repositories based on their most popular purpose.

PegNet now becomes the “PegNet Staker”
Prosper Miner now becomes the “PegNet Miner”
And PegNetd will be “PegNet Client”.

Action Items / Next Steps:

  1. Prosper Miner will be updated with the latest pull requests for version 2.5 of the code and be renamed “PegNet Miner”.


When PegNet version 2.5 is released, be sure to upgrade before the activation height. If you are running software on top of PegNet be sure to update the path for the correct repo you are calling from.