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The SVBS + DLTx Ventures Merger / Listing Opening Web3 to the World

David A. Johnston
4 min readSep 2, 2022


The SVBS Vision & Global Execution

As Marc Andreessen famously said in 2011, “Software is eating the world”. Similarly in 2022, the revolution of innovation continues. This time it is Web3 that is eating the world’s centralized organizations. Recognizing this, the founders of SVBS Inc. launched in 2017 with a mission to “Fund the Revolution”. Drawing on their decades of experience in venture capital & leading institutions in Silicon Valley, they quickly brought together a global network of like-minded investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts. This “SVBS Nation”, as of July 2022, has 2,000+ members around the world.

The DLTx partnership with SVBS and its exceptional values and diversity in cutting-edge operational capabilities makes us driven to be part of the SVBS NATION. Hence, we will be creating a spin-off of our DLTx Venture AS subsidiary, which will merge with SVBS to form REVOLUTION AS. The “revolutionary” entity has its aim of being listed on the Olso stock exchange.

The REVOLUTION AS brand will express our joint venture in which SVBS will contribute equity and blockchain token ownership into our DLTx Venture AS subsidiary. Our part of the contribution will be in assets from our investment portfolio.

This joint venture brings world-class assets and management into the DLTx family while providing professional management for our venture investment portfolio. The venture is aligned with our strategy of growing our business by leveraging our expertise and access to the capital markets while attracting the best people in the industry to join our team and minimizing shareholder dilution,says David Johnston, Chief Strategy Officer of DLTx ASA.

DLTx, combined with SVBS, believe the plethora of cross-capability expertise the SVBS Nation breathes into the blockchain ecosystem and the continuous vertical integration of DLTx will positively influence the industry. We see our combined experience and relationships bringing high-potential business value across multiple sectors and look forward to growing our relationship with SVBS. Our Team will liaise with SVBS’ Leadership Team of Venture Industry, SVBS AI, and SVBS’ Blockchain Specialists. Additionally, DLTx will occupy board positions at REVOLUTION.

“SVBS is pleased to be partnering with DLTx to accelerate the growth of its global platform. The DLTx team has a strong track record in protocol expansion across the Web3 space which will assist SVBS in scaling its activities initially in Europe, and then globally,says SVBS President, Amit Pradhan.

E. David Ellington — Chairman & Co-Founder of SVBS, Former Trustee & Commissioner of the San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System

SVBS, A Borderless, Decentralized Ecosystem

SVBS Nation consists of multiple regional chapters that hold monthly salons where entrepreneurs launching startups at the intersection of Blockchain, Fintech, AI, Digital Health, and IoT can meet, educate, and pitch investors. Before 2020, SVBS Nation Chapters met in person in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Vancouver, and Zurich and are launching additional chapters in London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, and Oslo. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, these chapters have gone online and now participate in a global monthly salon with Web3 experts doing fireside chat style interviews & discussions about the latest trends in blockchain technology and the market.

Through a thorough research and analysis process, SVBS vets the deals that come through its entire SVBS Nation network, often already curated by some of the leading investors in their respective ecosystems and provides global access to the companies it decides to take equity and token positions in. This global access across the SVBS Nation includes cross-stage Investors, expertise, new market access, and other value that helps these companies grow. These key attributes are game-changing in reducing risk for early-stage investors as a by-product. Through a 3-year track record of this approach, SVBS Ventures holds and manages a portfolio of 22+ positions (as of July 2022).


We share the same vision as SVBS, and that is decentralization. By partnering with SVBS, and its expanding SVBS Nation, our common idea of decentralization grows exponentially. We see the SVBS’ operations as a global investment platform bringing expertise in Blockchain, Governance, Policy, Markets, Legal, Finance, and Marketing as a transformative and disruptive force.

Our vision of decentralization has expanded by partnering with SVBS and its fast-growing SVBS Nation. Keep an eye on REVOLUTION AS and its advancements in and beyond Web3.



David A. Johnston

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