How to Make Your Own Mask

Here are the resources that my wife has been using to make masks for family, friends and medical professionals we know.

There are several different types of masks. I have been making some “surgical masks” for my sister who is a nurse and her friends at the hospital & police force. She requested some smaller ones that would fit her face better and some much larger ones for some guys she knows. So, if you are making them for others, you might want to size up or down width wise.

These are sized. Here’s a video of the process:

Here’s the pattern I used. It starts with a simple rectangle. Its great for mass production, but does use more fabric.

I’m going to give these masks a try tomorrow so I can make myself some cute ones and fussy cut some for my kiddos.

Also, for the nose piece, some people have used pipe cleaners, some use wires. I didn’t want to run out to the store to find wire, so I used unbent paper cilps with the ends curled to round the off a little.

Article on material:

Summary is that cotton or cotton/poly blend is best, but covered is better than uncovered. I’m using up an old sheet i have that is 60% cotton 40% polyester.

I personally don’t like the elastic behind my ears so I prefer the tie ones similar to this:

P.S. For anyone looking for more advanced 3D printed masks and PPE check out this link:



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