DLTx & the “Fat Protocol” Thesis

The True Heart of Web3 = Decentralized Money + Storage + Compute & Bandwidth

David A. Johnston
3 min readJul 11, 2022
True Web3 is Decentralized Money + Storage + Compute + Bandwidth

The Big Four of Web3

All Decentralized Applications in the Web3 universe use four fundamental building blocks. Money + Storage + Compute + Bandwidth. Now that DLTx has announced its divisions related to Digital Assets, Cloud and Wireless its clear how we plan to leverage the Bitcoin, Filecoin, Pocket, and Helium protocols to provide these four key types of decentralized infrastructure.

The attractive thing about this strategy is that DLTx is effectively like “betting on the house” in the sense that no matter which Web3 Dapps & DAOs get mass adoption, they will by definition be using decentralized compute, storage, bandwidth and money rails that DLTx operates. So by providing these four fundamentals DLTx is gaining value from everything built on top.

Extending The Fat Protocol Thesis From 2016

This approach is effectively the extension of the “Fat Protocol Thesis” by focusing on the protocols that are used by all other Protocols, Dapps & DAOs.

If you haven’t read the original write up by Joe Monegro at Union Square Ventures in 2016 I’d highly recommend it.

The Thin Protocols Of The Web — Credit Credit Joe Monergo

“The Fat Protocol thesis suggested that value in blockchains would accrue at the base protocol layer, instead of at the application layer. This was the opposite of what happened with the internet — Google and Facebook became worth trillions, while protocols like TCP/IP accrued little to no value.”

2016 Version of Fat Protocol Thesis — Credit Joe Monergo

Here I’ve updated the Fat Protocol Thesis for 2022 as we now finally have decentralized protocols for Money, Storage, Compute & Bandwidth live and growing at scale.

Updated 2022

DLTx Shares Are The Ultimate Way To Participate In This Thesis

Those that won big from 2016 to 2021 observed the success of the Fat Protocol Thesis. Ethereum for example has gained more value in its ETH token by market cap, than every Dapp & DAO build on top of Ethereum COMBINED.

We are about to see the same thing play out for a new generation of “Fat Protocols” who have won the network effect for Storage, Compute & Bandwidth. This next five years I fully expect the same economics to play out in a similar way, with value being captured by these key protocols in greater proportion compared to the applications built on top of them.

If you see this vision too, DLTx is THE company living out this thesis by operating vertically integrated tech stacks generating & HODLing tokens in all four of the key protocols. And since we are a public company it is easy for anyone to purchase shares by simply typing in four letters in a brokerage account, DLTX.




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