DLTx to Double Filecoin Cloud Data

DLTx to double Filecoin cloud data storage capacity utilization and boost FIL revenue over next 12 weeks

David A. Johnston
2 min readMar 8, 2023
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(Oslo, 6 March 2023) DLTx ASA (“DLTx”, OSE: DLTX) announces that its subsidiary File Storage Partners (“FSP”) has signed a contract with Alignment Engine Inc. (“Aligned”), a U.S.-based technology company, to double the utilization of its Filecoin data storage capacity. DLTx Cloud subsidiary FSP has signed a contract with Aligned in order to more than double the current Quality Adjusted Power (“QAP”) footprint of its Filecoin cloud data storage business over the next 12 weeks.

DLTx Cloud currently has 74 Pebibytes (“PiBs”) of QAP online and, through the deal with Aligned, the utilized capacity will increase by an additional 80 PiBs. This collaboration with Aligned, combined with existing growth prospects, will give DLTx a runway to be providing over 160 PiBs by the midway point in 2023. The collaboration with Aligned includes the borrowing of 500,000 FIL via DARMA Capital.

“DLTx is well known as one of the leading enterprise level Storage Providers in the Filecoin data storage ecosystem, so it’s great to be partnering with them on this first of hopefully many mutually beneficial projects,” says Neal Kaufman, Aligned CEO. Using today’s figures, each PiB of QAP online earns approximately 12.8 FIL per day in Filecoin protocol rewards which is equivalent to ~$75 per day (FILUSD $6). This means that the 80 PiB growth will add approximately 375,000 FIL in additional rewards on an annualized basis to DLTx’s Filecoin business, or about $2.25 million in additional revenue as represented in US$.

“The partnership between DLTx Cloud and Aligned gives us a great opportunity to provide quick and productive growth, and also overcomes some of the recent FIL supply issues in the FIL lending market,” says Simon Campbell, DLTx COO.

DLTx Cloud operates two Filecoin datacenters in Nebraska and Missouri, USA, and has two partnerships in Europe with Storify BV (Holland) and Helix (France).

For further information, please contact: Roger Lund, acting Managing Director, +47 95 16 11 13 About DLTx | www.dltx.com DLTx is a technology company scaling and powering Web3 and decentralized file storage infrastructure.

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