DLTx’s Green Bitcoin Farming

David A. Johnston
2 min readNov 23, 2022
MidJourney Generated Art For High Compute Bitcoin Farming

DLTx is pleased to announce that it is moving forward with the development of a Bitcoin division in DLTx Digital Assets and has raised an initial USD $3.5 million for the first phase of development.

The Company aims to take a vertically integrated approach through managing the fabrication of modular containers, overseeing on-site construction, hiring and training local operators, and optimizing the software involved. With a focus on sustainability for Bitcoin production methods, DLTx intends to harness power where there is either overcapacity, no viable connection to the grid, or an ability to turn waste into power, such as with flare gas (preventing methane release).

The Company expects future sites to combine wind, hydro, solar and flare gas — all of which have pre-existing power delivery infrastructure.

“This is the first of many expected announcements with regards to our Bitcoin division over the coming weeks and months. We believe our model is capital efficient and this first investment enables us to get moving at a time when the cost of entry is multiples lower than six to nine months ago,” says DLTx Chief Operating Officer Simon Campbell.

About DLTx

DLTx ASA (“DLTx”) is a vertically integrated technology company expanding Web 3 capabilities by deploying blockchain infrastructure at scale across major global industries. The DLTx team is comprised of decentralists who believe in the new economy that’s powered by cryptographic digital assets. The DLTx team has been at the forefront of developing and launching several of the most important protocols in the blockchain space including Ethereum, developed the first blockchain investment fund in 2014, has built out massive scale high compute infrastructure since 2015, and now operates the first publicly traded company focused on powering Web 3.

Learn more at https://www.dltx.com



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