Accelerating PegNet’s Growth

Community developed short list of what’s needed next

PegNet 2.0 is launched. Big staking rewards are here!
The fundamentals are all in place with strong oracles & aligned economics.
Let’s talk about what the community is planning next to build on this.
Simple YFI Type Staking + Cold Staking + UniSwap Type UI

  1. Simple one click participation by new users/holder of PEG to be able to stake. YFI is a really great example of this. Either the community should push for intergrations or launch this type of service.
  2. One click swaps between pAssets UniSwap style. Again either the community can do a bunch of UniSwap listings or create a similar interface.
  3. For long term hodlers they need cold staking that is super easy to setup. Think Tezos-like as an example.
  4. Marketing/promotion funded by the Dev Reward is now possible because you can convert a pair of eyeballs, if above 3 items are in place.



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David A. Johnston

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