Scaling UniSwap

UniSwap + PegNet = Ultra Low Cost Swaps

UniSwap + PegNet


If you are a front end / full stack developer reach out and join the community on this Discord:

Steps For Entering

2. Those ETH are swapped for wrapped pUSD tokens, on Uniswap.

3. Those wrapped pUSD tokens are moved through the gateway to PegNet version pUSD.

4. The app converts the PegNet version pUSD into what ever tokens the user wants. The user can stay in the applications doing swaps for only $0.001

Steps For Exiting

2. The resulting pUSD is moved through the gateway over to Ethereum version pUSD.

3. The ETH-pUSD are swapped into ETH on Uniswap

4. The ETH is returned back to the user.

Alternative version: If pUSD increases in value above $1.00 USD due to demand, then swap for PEG instead of pUSD, and burn PEG into pAssets.
All the other steps the same.




Congrats now you have a scalable solution for UniSwap for the major cryptos, fiats, Gold + Silver, with a fraction of the gas fees ($0.001).

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