DLTx Collaborates with DSM Tech Enterprises & Genesis Global Capital to Develop Pioneering Filecoin Storage Project

Original Email I Sent to Family and Friends in Early 2013 About Bitcoin Still Relevant Today

Dispelling Misconceptions About America’s Next Great Tech Hub

View From The DLTx Office in Puerto Rico

Conflating Puerto Rico with Small Town Caribbean Destinations

Introducing DLTx a public company focused on public open source blockchains & the digital economy

How to grow capital and prosper in the 21st century


Planning For Self Governance On Mars

In Search of Social & Economic Freedom

The signing of the Mayflower Compact in November 1620

Moving to PegNet Miner + PegNet Staker + PegNetd for a new clear naming scheme


UniSwap + PegNet = Ultra Low Cost Swaps

UniSwap + PegNet


David A. Johnston

Entrepreneur, Investor, Technologist, Voluntarist, Future Martian Settler, & Evangelist for Decentralization.

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